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Java's BigDecimal Equals Does Not Behave As Expected


As mentioned in my previous post I ran into a weird bug that only surfaced when I used real data instead of test data in one of my tests. The reason for this is that in my test data I used BigDecimal.ZERO which Java sees as different to BigDecimal.valueOf(0.0).

BigDecimal.ZERO == BigDecimal.valueOf(0.0)

This code will evaluate to false as Kotlin converts this to the following Java code BigDecimal.ZERO.equals(BigDecimal.valueOf(0.0)); which Java sees as different as per this post.

A workaround for this is to use BigDecimal.ZERO.compareTo(BigDecimal.valueOf(0.0)) == 0 in your Java and Kotlin code. Or in Kotlin use only the > and < operators as Kotlin will compile these to compareTos when it compiles to Java. The following all return true:

BigDecimal.valueOf(1) > BigDecimal.ZERO

BigDecimal.valueOf(0.001) > BigDecimal.ZERO

BigDecimal.valueOf(-1) < BigDecimal.ZERO

BigDecimal.ZERO.compareTo(BigDecimal.valueOf(0.0)) == 0