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Converting a Java LocalDate to a JavaScript Date


The system I work on has an AngularJS front end. We are currently in the process of finishing up a product and as part of that change the front-end hits a Spring REST endpoint which returns an object that contains a LocalDate. So I have something like this:

LocalDate.of(2018, Month.MAY, 15);

This gets passed to the front-end as an array of numbers:

;[2018, 5, 15]

The JavaScript Date object unfortunately cannot convert this to a date object in this form. Ideally I could use MomentJS but at the point where this is needed I cannot import it. After doing a bit of Googling I saw that the Date object does accept a String in its constructor but it has to be in ISO format. I did not want to have to add on zeros to a string consisting of this so I tried my luck in the console:

new Date('2018-05-15')

Lo and behold it returns the date as I would have hoped. I went 1 step further and left off the 0 for May so that I can simply concatenate the array together as a string and it works perfectly:

new Date('2018-5-15')

To easily convert this you can using something like the below:

;[2015, 5, 15].map((num) => num + '').join('-')